Religions of the World

Take A Guided Tour of the World’s Wisdom - Join legendary author and teacher Huston Smith as he personally guides you on an epic tour of humanity’s great wisdom traditions on Religions of the World. Complete on ten cassettes, this inspiring curriculum shares the most treasured teachings at the heart of these great traditions: Taoism • Christianity • Judaism • Buddhism • Hinduism • Confucianism • Islam • Primal religions. Drawn from more than sixty years of direct experience, inquiry, and research by Huston Smith, here is perhaps the greatest story ever told: how religion comes alive with a sacred flame, bringing light into the darkest corners of the human soul.

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Music of Tibet: The Gyuto Multiphionic Choir

Recorded by Huston Smith

The historic 1967 recording of the multiphonic chanting of Tibet. The style of chanting heard on this tape was introduced into Tibet from India (where the art has long been lost) by Marpa in the eleventh century. In 1474, Gyuto was founded (along with Gyume) as one of the two Tibetan monasteries that were dedicated to using this mode of chanting for the ritualistic transmission of the most ancient, sacred, and esoteric teachings of the Buddha. The extraordinary vocal abilities this chanting requires first came to the West’s attention in 1968 through Huston Smith’s The Music of Tibet (Anthology Records), and it is from the masters for that disc that this CD was recorded.Order from GemsTone

See video clip of Huston Smith recounting how he first encountered Tibetan multiphonic chanting, which became the recording Music of Tibet.

The Wisdom of Huston Smith

by Huston Smith, Michael Toms (Contributor)

Huston Smith has been studying the religions of the world for over fifty years, and has studied with spiritual teachers ranging from novelist Aldous Huxley to Zen scholar D. T. Suzuki and the Dalai Lama. In these collected interviews, Michael Tom, who has himself written books on spiritual work, talks to Smith about his experiences with these men, and plumbs his thoughts on the spiritual issues of our times. The sound quality is wonderful, and Toms is an experienced radio interviewer. The result is fascinating; it feels as if you're eavesdropping on a well-paced conversation that is at once friendly and enlightening. This collection deserves to have the word "wisdom" in the title. G.T.B. © AudioFile 2003, Portland, Maine-- Copyright © AudioFile, Portland, Maine

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Portrait of a Radical

Q & A Audio Tapes by Huston Smith, Richard Rohr, Allen Dwight Callahan

Our three speakers were chosen not just because they are highly respected in their fields, but because they have an obvious passion for the subject and an ability to infect the viewer with that positive energy. Learn more about each speaker below:
Huston Smith is considered the leading scholar on world religious studies. His breakthrough book, The Worlds Religions, forever changed the West's perception of the world's religious landscape. The Bill Moyers' six-part series, The Wisdom of Faith, which aired on PBS, introduced Huston Smith to an even wider audience and the response was powerful.

Father Richard Rohr is a Fransiscan priest whose infectious personality and ability to draw in the listener are in part responsible for his status as one of the top selling cassette authors in the Catholic Church. Father Rohr spends a great deal of time conducting lectures, seminars and retreats around the world. Titles of some of his most popular works include Simplicity, Breathing Underwater and The Sermon on the Mount - Jesus Plan for a New World Order.

Dr. Allen Dwight Callahan is an ordained Baptist minister and served as associate professor of New Testament at Harvard Divinity School. An extremely powerful and charismatic speaker, Dr. Callahan was most recently seen on Frontline's four part series which appeared on PBS; From Jesus to Christ - The First Christians. His most recently published work is titled Embassy of Onesimus.

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The Big Picture: What the Religions of the World Teach Us [Abridged]

The Big Picture Huston Smith Too often we have come to associate faith with narrow interests and competing dogmas. The Big Picture gives voice to a larger point of view: that a grand and remarkable unity underlies all of our major religious traditions. Here is the "forgotten truth" about the sacred teachings, principles, and themes that have unified perennial philosophies through the ages, brought to life by our greatest living scholar of comparative religions, Huston Smith.

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Understanding IslamThe story of Islam is one we urgently need to hear. Now Huston Smith, the legendary authority on comparative religions, summons a lifetime of scholarship and insight to offer this welcome listener’s guide to the most “persistently misunderstood religion in the world.” Smith takes us back to Islam’s founding lineage, revealing its inspiration in Greek philosophy and common roots with both Judaism and Christianity. With so much in common – most of all the precept of one all-powerful God – how has Islam come to inspire fear and bewilderment in the West? Join Huston Smith as he makes accessible this difficult subject.

Distilled from Huston Smith’s monumental work Religions of the World audio seminar, and complete with a new, updated introduction, Understanding Islam brings a voice of understanding to this most challenging of the wisdom traditions.

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